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Àdàkọ:Infobox sport/doc

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{{ infobox sport
| name       = 
| image      = 
| imagesize  = 
| caption    = 
| union      = 
| nickname   = 
| first      = 
| registered = 
| clubs      = 
| contact    = 
| team       = 
| mgender    = 
| category   = 
| equipment  = 
| venue      =
| obsolete   =
| olympic    = 

All parameters are optional.

The name of the sport; this is usually the same as the name of the article, unless it has been disambiguated. E.g., Association football. Capitalization should match article title. If this attribute is omitted, the name will be inferred from the page title.
the filename of an image to use (without "Image:" or "File:" prefix), e.g. football iu 1996.jpg
the width in pixels for the image, e.g. 275px Larger that 300 is not recommended. If this attribute is omitted, the image will default to 125px width.
A caption for the image, e.g. An attacking player (No 10) attempts to kick the ball past the goalkeeper to score a goal.
The highest officiating body associated with the sport, e.g. FIFA for association football.
One or more (comma-separated) nicknames of the sport. Non-English names should not be put here, unless they are frequent in English. E.g., Football, soccer, futbol<!-- Commonly used in the USA to differentiate from American football (known as football) -->, footy/footie, "the beautiful game". Capitalize only the first nickname (unless one or more other ones are proper names).
Year (or century, if year unknown) and location the game was first played in some recognizable form. For very specific modern games (e.g. snooker plus), use as specific a date as possible, for that particular game not any ancestral forms. For a broader sense of "sport", more generality may be used (e.g. for cue sports). Do not link these dates. Examples: 1942, [[Philadelphia, Pennsylvania|Philadelphia]] or 1863, England, with roots in prehistory or 15th century Europe. For location, it is unnecessary to link countries or general regions unless obscure.
How many players have registered to participate with this sport's affiliated governing bodies?
How many clubs have registered with this sport's affiliated governing bodies?
Is this a contact sport? Typical values are No or Yes, though something more specific could be put here (e.g. With feet only, etc.)
Size of teams. Various values are possible, such as: No teams, single competitors, or 11 per side, single competitors, doubles, or teams of up to 5, etc.
Is this a mixed-gender sport? Various answers can be used here: No, Yes, Yes, but usually in separate leagues/divisions, etc.
Whether it is an indoor or outdoor game, and any other categorizations that may be useful. Examples: Outdoor or indoor, field, or Indoor, rink, or Indoor, table, or Indoor or outdoor, aquatic. Links can be used. More specific categorization can be used: Outdoor, aquatic, [[motor sport]]
Links to separate articles on key items of equipment used in the game, if any such articles exist. E.g., [[Billiard ball]]s, [[billiard table]], [[cue stick]], or [[Football (ball)|Football]].
Link to separate article on type(s) of venue that the game is played in, if any such articles exist. E.g., [[Association football pitch|Football pitch]], or [[Billiard hall]] or home [[billiard room]].
No or year of acceptance into the Olympic Games and link to appropriate article (e.g. [[1904 Summer Olympics|1904]], if any. Other values can be used, e.g. 1904; removed from program in 1904, or Proposed for [[2010 Winter Olympics|2010]]. Omit this field entirely when non-relevant (e.g. medieval games that are now exinct).
Is this game obsolete? Any value, such as y or yes will cause this field to display as "Yes" Leave this field empty or omit it entirely if not obsolete; do not use no (that will not work). A game is obsolete if it has zero or near-zero living players. Just because a folk game has been "replaced" by a standardized game with a national governing body does not necessarily mean that it is obsolete (cf. stickball, which evolved into baseball but is still played).