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Ẹpẹ̀lẹ́ o, oníṣẹ́ tuntun. Ẹkáàbọ̀ sí Yorùbá Wikipédíà. Adúpẹ́ fún àfikún yin. Mo lérò pé ó wù yin kí ẹ wà níbí. Ẹjọ́wọ́ ẹ rántí fi ontẹ̀ tẹ ohun tí ẹ bá kọ sí oníṣẹ́ míràn pẹ̀lú ~~~~. Èyí á gbé orúkọ yín àti àkókò tí ẹ fìwé ránṣẹ́. Tí ẹ bà ń fẹ́ ìrànlọ́wọ́ ẹ kàn sími. Lẹ́ẹ̀kansi ẹkáàbọ̀! T Cells (talk · contribs · email) 14:02, 20 Oṣù Keje 2018 (UTC)

Adúpẹ́ fún iṣẹ́ takuntakun tí ẹ̀ ń gbéṣé ní Yorùbá Wikipedia[àtúnṣe àmìọ̀rọ̀]

oníṣe:Macdanpets, mo fẹ́ fi àkókò yìí dúpẹ́ lọ́wọ́ yín fún iṣẹ́ takuntakun tí ẹ̀ ń gbéṣé ní Yorùbá Wikipedia. Ẹjọ̀wọ́ ẹ má dáṣẹ́ ribiribi yìí dúró o. Ìtẹ̀sí wájú Yorùbá Wikipedia ló jẹwá lógún. Ẹṣun! T Cells (talk · contribs · email) 09:42, 3 Oṣù Kẹjọ 2018 (UTC)

Two pages, similar name[àtúnṣe àmìọ̀rọ̀]

Greetings, Mac! It appears that you created two pages for the same subject. The content needs to be merged, keeping the better of the two page names (they aren't identical):

Then to request deletion of the empty page, replace its content with the {{Delete|duplicate page}} template. And please forgive my use of English; I have no knowledge of Èdè Yorùbá but help in the YO WP by making technical improvements. -- Cheers, Deborahjay (ọ̀rọ̀) 20:11, 16 Oṣù Kẹ̀sán 2018 (UTC)

  • REMINDER of the above duplicate page. It's great to see you are so active on the WP these days! You may see I've been helping with formatting, but this page is far beyond my understanding. -- Cheers, Deborahjay (ọ̀rọ̀) 18:28, 26 Oṣù Kejìlá 2019 (UTC)
User:Deborahjay, I believe the title of the one created on 28 Oṣù Keje 2018‎ is was wrong and has been redirected to Adéyẹyè Ẹnitàn Ògúnwúsì. T CellsTalk 20:00, 26 Oṣù Kejìlá 2019 (UTC)
Oops: indeed - and by me, over a year ago! The REDIRECT is a much better action than deleting a page whose name has a similar spelling. I've put a "strike-through" on the poor advice above. Thank you for your attention! -- Deborahjay (ọ̀rọ̀) 20:16, 26 Oṣù Kejìlá 2019 (UTC)
No, it wasn't a poor advice User: Deborahjay and thanks for keeping eyes on the pages. Regards. T CellsTalk 06:07, 27 Oṣù Kejìlá 2019 (UTC)

Iṣẹ́ takuntakun[àtúnṣe àmìọ̀rọ̀]

Banstar Barnstar.png Iṣẹ́ takuntakun
Mo fẹ́ fi àkókò yìí dúpẹ́ lọ́wọ́ yín fún Iṣẹ́ takuntakun tí ẹ̀ ń gbéṣé ní Yorùbá Wikipedia

T CellsTalk 15:28, 18 Oṣù Kejìlá 2019 (UTC)

Double page for same biography subject[àtúnṣe àmìọ̀rọ̀]

Please see these two pages you created. They seem to be for the same person:

These are the actions needed:

  • Edit the older one to have all the information (content)
  • Link it to the Wikidata item with all the name spellings
  • The newer one needs to become a #REDIRECT page to the single page for this subject.

I can help with the technical parts but I don't know the Yoruba language. Thank you, -- Deborahjay (ọ̀rọ̀) 21:39, 3 Oṣù Kínní 2020 (UTC)
Updated -- Deborahjay (ọ̀rọ̀) 21:46, 3 Oṣù Kínní 2020 (UTC)

To search for an existing page in the Yoruba WP[àtúnṣe àmìọ̀rọ̀]

Greetings, Mac! As promised earlier, here is an explanation for using Wikidata to discover if a page on a particular topic already exists in the Yoruba (or any) Wikipedia. The tehnique is based on searching in English, as it's the language with the most WP content.

  1. Go into Wikidata.
  2. At the top of the screen, to the left of your User name, click to choose the display language that appears.
  3. Now "Search for a language" and choose English. (N.B. Your written English is excellent!)
  4. On the second display line from the screen top, on the right, locate the "Search Wikidata" box (with a magnifying glass icon).
  5. Enter the page name you seek. Don't use special diacritic-marked letters from the Yoruba alphabet for this search.
  6. A suggested page or pages appear if an editor has added it in English for a Wikidata item on that topic.
  7. Select a page name (there may be multiple, and alternate wordings), which displays that Wikidata item. Try different spellings if necessary.
  8. Read the item's properties ("Statements") to confirm that it's the topic you're seeking.
  9. Scroll down and on the lower left see which (if any) WP language projects have a page on this topic.
  10. These are clickable "interwiki" links to other language versions that have been connected to this item in Wikidata.

If you were considering starting a new article and find an existing page in the YO WP, you can certainly evaluate it and bring it up to a better level. The matter of page name standards, I'd like to take up with User:T Cells who seems most knowledgeble. Meanwhile, I'm at your service for anything I can explain and help improve. -- Cheers, Deborahjay (ọ̀rọ̀) 20:00, 16 Oṣù Kínní 2020 (UTC)

Thanks Deborahjay. This is helpful. Macdanpets (ọ̀rọ̀), 21:24, 16 Oṣù Kínní 2020‎ (UTC)