Ìyàtọ̀ láàrin àwọn àtúnyẹ̀wò ".tt"

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{{Infobox Top level domain|
type=[[Country code top-level domain]]|
registry=[[Trinidad and Tobago Network Information Centre]] (TTNIC)|
sponsor=[[University of the West Indies]] (Faculty of Engineering)|
intendeduse=Entities connected with [[Trinidad and Tobago]]|
actualuse=Used largely in Trinidad and Tobago, with a scattering of other use including free third-level subdomains offered by outside vendor|
restrictions=None (except under '''.gov.tt''' and '''.edu.tt''')|
structure=Registrations permitted directly at second level or at third level beneath various labels|
document=[http://www.nic.tt/agreement.html Terms and conditions]|
website=[http://www.nic.tt/ TTNIC]|}}
'''.tt''' je ti awon ile [[Trinidad ati Tobago]]

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