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Российская Империя (ruCyrl)
Rossiyskaya Imperiya (translit)
The Russian Empire

Flag of Russian Empire 1883-1917 Coat of Arms
Съ нами Богъ!
(God is with us!)
"God Save The Tsar!"
The Russian Empire in 1866 [1]
Capital Saint Petersburg (1721–28)
Moscow (1728–30)
Saint Petersburg/Petrograd (1730–1918)
Language(s) Official: Russian
Recognised regional languages: Finnish, Swedish, Polish
Second language: French
Religion State Church: Russian Orthodox
Minorities:Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Old Believers, Muslims, Buddhists
Government Absolute Monarchy
 - 1721–1725 Peter I
 - 1894–1917 Nicholas II
Legislature State Duma
 - Accession of Peter I May 7, 1682 NS,
April 27, 1682 OS¹
 - Empire proclaimed October 22, 1721 NS,
October 11, 1721 OS
 - Decembrist revolt December 26, 1825 NS,
December 14, 1825 OS
 - Abolition of feudalism March 3, 1861 NS,
February 19, 1861 OS
 - Revolution of 1905 January–December 1905
 - Constitution April 23, 1906
 - February Revolution March 15, 1917 NS,
March 2, 1917 OS
 - October Revolution November 7, 1917 NS,
October 25, 1917 OS
 - 1916 21,799,825 km2 (8,416,959 sq mi)
 - 1916 est. 181,537,800 
     Density 8.3 /km2  (21.6 /sq mi)
Currency Ruble
1: Russia continued to use the Julian calendar until after the collapse of the empire; see Old Style and New Style dates.
The "coat of arms flag", the official flag of the Russian Empire from 1858 to 1883
The Romanov double-headed eagle was the Emperor's standard, used as the flag of the Empire before 1858
The capital of Imperial Russia was Saint Petersburg.
An episode from the Russian-French wars.

Russian Empire

Itokasi[àtúnṣe | àtúnṣe àmìọ̀rọ̀]

  1. After 1866, Alaska was sold and South Sakhalin lost to Japan, but Batum, Kars, Pamir, and the Transcaspian region (Turkmenistan) were acquired.