Voyager 2

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Voyager 2
A space probe with squat cylindrical body topped by a large parabolic radio antenna dish pointing upwards, a three-element radioisotope thermoelectric generator on a boom extending left, and scientific instruments on a boom extending right. A golden disk is fixed to the body.
Voyager spacecraft
OperatorNASA / JPL
Mission typeFlyby
Flyby ofJupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
Launch date1977-08-20 14:29:00 UTC
(ọdún 44, osù 8, àti ọjọ́ 28 ago)
Launch vehicleTitan IIIE / Centaur
Launch siteSpace Launch Complex 41
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Mission durationIn Progress (Interstellar mission)
(ọdún 42, osù 10, àti ọjọ́ 9 elapsed)
 Jupiter flyby
 (completed 1979-08-05)

 Saturn flyby
 (completed 1981-09-25)

 Uranus flyby
 (completed 1986-02-25)

 Neptune flyby
 (completed 1989-10-02)
COSPAR ID1977-076A
HomepageNASA Voyager website
MassÀdàkọ:Kg to lb
Power420 W (3 RTGs)
Voyager Golden Record

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