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Address or Location
Coordinates {{{coordinates}}}
School type {{{fundingtype}}} {{{schooltype}}}
Motto {{{motto}}}
Religious Affiliation(s) {{{religious_affiliation}}}
Religious affiliation {{{religion}}}
Denomination {{{denomination}}}
Patron saint(s) {{{patron}}}
Established {{{established}}}
Founded {{{founded}}}
Opened {{{opened}}}
Founder {{{founder}}}
Status {{{status}}}
Closed {{{closed}}}
Locale {{{locale}}}
School board {{{schoolboard}}}
School district {{{district}}}
LEA {{{LEA}}}
Authority {{{authority}}}
Authority {{{educational authority}}}
Category {{{category}}}
Oversight {{{oversight}}}
Authorizer {{{authorizer}}}
Superintendent {{{superintendent}}}
Area trustee {{{trustee}}}
Specialist {{{specialist}}}
Session {{{session}}}
School number {{{schoolnumber}}}
School number {{{Number}}}
MOE Code {{{school code}}}
Ministry of Education Institution no. {{{MOE}}}
Ofsted number {{{ofsted}}}
CEEB Code {{{ceeb}}}
President {{{president}}}
Chair {{{chair}}}
Chairman {{{chairman}}}
Chairperson {{{chairperson}}}
Dean {{{dean}}}
Administrator {{{administrator}}}
Rector {{{rector}}}
Director {{{director}}}
Principal {{{principal}}}
Principal {{{principal1}}}
Principal {{{principal2}}}
Principal {{{principal3}}}
Principal {{{principal4}}}
Vice principal {{{viceprincipal}}}
Vice principal {{{viceprincipal1}}}
Vice principal {{{viceprincipal2}}}
Vice principal {{{viceprincipal3}}}
Vice principal {{{viceprincipal4}}}
Asst. Principal {{{asst principal}}}
Assistant principals {{{assistant_principals}}}
Campus Director {{{campus director}}}
Headmistress {{{headmistress}}}
Headmaster {{{headmaster}}}
Head of school {{{head of school}}}
Headteacher {{{headteacher}}}
Head teacher {{{head teacher}}}
Executive headteacher {{{executive_headteacher}}}
Acting headteacher {{{acting_headteacher}}}
Head teacher {{{head}}}
{{{head_name2}}} {{{head2}}}
{{{rel_head_name}}} {{{rel_head}}}
{{{r_head_label}}} {{{r_head}}}
Chaplain {{{chaplain}}}
Chief custodian {{{custodian}}}
Staff {{{staff}}}
Staff {{{number of staff}}}
Faculty {{{faculty}}}
Employees {{{employees}}}
Employees {{{num_employ}}}
Key people {{{key_people}}}
Grades {{{grades}}}
Years Offered {{{years}}}
Years taught {{{years taught}}}
Years taught {{{nursery years taught}}}
Years taught {{{primary years taught}}}
Years taught {{{secondary years taught}}}
Gender {{{gender}}}
Age {{{lower_age}}}+
Age range {{{age range}}}
Enrolment {{{enrolment}}} ({{{enrolment_as_of}}})
Number of students {{{students}}}
Sixth Form Students
Pupils {{{pupils}}}
Pupils {{{number of pupils}}}
Kindergarten {{{gradeK}}}
Grade 1 {{{grade1}}}
Grade 2 {{{grade2}}}
Grade 3 {{{grade3}}}
Grade 4 {{{grade4}}}
Grade 5 {{{grade5}}}
Grade 6 {{{grade6}}}
Grade 7 {{{grade7}}}
Grade 8 {{{grade8}}}
Grade 9 {{{grade9}}}
Grade 10 {{{grade10}}}
Grade 11 {{{grade11}}}
Grade 12 {{{grade12}}}
Grade 13 {{{grade13}}}
Other {{{other}}}
Other {{{other_grade_enrollment}}}
Other {{{other_grade_enrollment_1}}}
Other {{{other_grade_enrollment_2}}}
International students {{{International_Students}}}
Classes {{{classes}}}
Average class size {{{avg_class_size}}}
Average class size {{{class}}}
Student:teacher ratio {{{ratio}}}
Education System {{{system}}}
Classes offered {{{classes offered}}}
Medium of Language {{{medium of language}}}
Medium of Language {{{medium}}}
Language {{{language}}}
Schedule type {{{schedtyp}}}
Schedule {{{schedule}}}
Hours in school day {{{Hours_in_Day}}}
Classrooms {{{classrooms}}}
Campuses {{{campuses}}}
Campus {{{campus}}}
Campus size {{{campus_size}}}
Campus size {{{campus size}}}
Area {{{area}}}
Campus {{{campus type}}}
College Bound {{{campus_Bound}}}
Houses {{{houses}}}
Color(s) {{{colors}}}
School Color(s) {{{schoolcolors}}}
School color(s) {{{school colors}}}
Slogan {{{slogan}}}
Song {{{song}}}
Fight song {{{fightsong}}}
Athletics {{{athletics}}}
Athletics conference {{{conference}}}
Sports {{{sports}}}
Mascot {{{mascot}}}
Nickname {{{nickname}}}
Teams {{{teams}}}
Team name {{{teamname}}}
Team name {{{team name}}}
Rivals {{{rivals}}}
Vision {{{vision}}}
Accreditation(s) {{{accreditations}}}
USNWR ranking {{{ranking}}}
National ranking {{{national_ranking}}}
{{{testname}}} Average {{{testaverage}}}
Average SAT scores {{{SAT}}}
Average ACT scores {{{ACT}}}
Bar pass rate {{{bar pass rate}}}
School roll {{{roll}}}
Socio-economic decile {{{decile}}}
Publication {{{publication}}}
Newspaper {{{newspaper}}}
Yearbook {{{yearbook}}}
Key products {{{products}}}
Endowment {{{endowment}}}
Budget {{{budget}}}
School fees {{{fees}}}
Annual tuition {{{annual tuition}}}
Tuition {{{tuition}}}
Revenue {{{revenue}}}
Communities served {{{communities}}}
Feeder schools {{{feeders}}}
Feeder schools {{{main feeder schools}}}
Feeder to {{{main feeder school for}}}
Graduates {{{graduates}}}
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Alumni {{{alumni}}}
Nobel laureates {{{nobel_laureates}}}
Information {{{information}}}
{{{free_label}}} {{{free}}}
{{{free_label1}}} {{{free_1}}}
{{{free_label2}}} {{{free_2}}}
{{{free_label3}}} {{{free_3}}}
{{{free_label4}}} {{{free_4}}}
{{{free_label5}}} {{{free_5}}}
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