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This list is not ready for use on Wikipedia because a President of Sierra Leone who was President twice does not show twice.

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Article description Country Start date End date Image
Patrick Conteh Siẹrra Léònè
Ambrose Patrick Genda Siẹrra Léònè
Andrew Juxon-Smith Siẹrra Léònè
Christopher Okoro Cole Siẹrra Léònè
David Lansana Siẹrra Léònè
David Lansana 1965-04-29 (cropped).jpg
Johnny Paul Koroma Siẹrra Léònè
Valentine Strasser Siẹrra Léònè
Yahya Kanu Siẹrra Léònè
Julius Maada Bio Siẹrra Léònè
Julius Maada Bio White House delegation 2018 (cropped).jpg
Ernest Bai Koroma Siẹrra Léònè 2007-09-17
Ernest Bai Koroma.jpg
Ahmad Tejan Kabbah Siẹrra Léònè 1996-03-29
Ahmed Tejan Kabbah.jpg
Joseph Saidu Momoh Siẹrra Léònè 1985 1992
Siaka Stevens Siẹrra Léònè 1971-04-21 1985-11-28
Old One Leone Banknote.jpg
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