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{{Infobox militant organization
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Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
Dates of operation1976 – present
LeaderVelupillai Prabhakaran
MotivesThe creation of a separate Tamil state in the north and east of Sri Lanka
Active region(s)Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
IdeologyTamil nationalism
Major actionsNumerous suicide bombings, Crimes against life and health, attacks against civilians, use of child soldiers, acts of ethnic cleansing
Notable attacksCentral Bank bombing, Palliyagodella massacre, Dehiwala train bombing and others.
StatusAs of April 24, 2009 the LTTE occupies an area of around 10 km² in the Mullaitivu District, proscribed as a terrorist organization by 32 countries.[1]
Sizecouple of hundred
Annual revenue?
Means of revenueBritish Tamils Forum, Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora and other NGOs.
{{Infobox militant organization
|name     = Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam<br />{{rtl-lang|ta|<small>தமிழிழவிடுதலைப்புலிகள்</small>}}
|logo     = Ltte_emblem.jpg
|caption  = The official emblem of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
|dates    = 1976 – present
|leader   = [[Velupillai Prabhakaran]]
|motives  = The creation of a separate [[Sri Lankan Tamil people|Tamil]] [[Tamil Eelam|state]] in the [[Northern Province, Sri Lanka|north]] and [[Eastern Province, Sri Lanka|east]] of [[Sri Lanka]]
|area     = {{flagicon|Sri Lanka}} [[Sri Lanka]]
|ideology = [[Sri Lankan Tamil Nationalism|Tamil nationalism]]
|crimes   = Numerous [[suicide attack|suicide bombings]], Crimes against life and health, [[List of attacks attributed to the LTTE|attacks against civilians]], [[Military use of children in Sri Lanka|use of child soldiers]], [[Expulsion of Muslims from Jaffna|acts of ethnic cleansing]]
|attacks  = [[Central Bank bombing]], [[Palliyagodella massacre]], [[Dehiwala train bombing]] and others.
|status   = As of April 24, 2009 the LTTE occupies an area of around 10 km² in the [[Mullaitivu District]], proscribed as a terrorist organization by 32 countries.<ref>http://defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20090117_03</ref>  
|size     = couple of hundred
|revenue  = ?
|financing= [[British Tamils Forum]], [[Tamil diaspora|Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora]] and other NGOs.


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