Àdàkọ:Section template list

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Template:Category see also (edit talk links history)

-- e.g. - {{Category see also|Contents|Articles|Lists}}
Àdàkọ:Category see also

Template:Content fork (edit talk links history)

-- e.g. - {{Content fork|A}}
Àdàkọ:Content fork

Template:Details (edit talk links history)

-- e.g. - {{Details|A|B}}

Template:Details2 (edit talk links history) as above but for when articles end in a full stop
Template:Details3 (edit talk links history) as above but for more than one article
Template:For example (edit talk links history), to point to a detailed example in another article

-- e.g. - {{for example|Template:For example|Another example}}Àdàkọ:For example

Template:Further (edit talk links history), same as see but requires/allows manual wikilinking

-- e.g. - {{further|[[A]]|[[B]]|[[C]]}}

Template:Main (edit talk links history), to use when you have more than one main article.

-- e.g. - {{main|A|B|C}}

Template:Mainlist (edit talk links history)

-- e.g. - {{Mainlist|A}}Àdàkọ:Mainlist

Template:See (edit talk links history)

-- e.g. - {{See|A|B|C}}

Template:See also (edit talk links history)

-- e.g. - {{See also|A|B|C}}

Template:See also2 (edit talk links history), same as see also but requires/allows manual wikilinking

-- e.g. - {{See also2|[[A]]|[[B]]|[[C]]}}Àdàkọ:See also2
Ìwé-alàyé àdàkọ
This template is called from the documentation of a section template to show all the alternatives so that one can know which template is right for the use they want. It thus allows all of the choices to be listed in one place. Add the names of new templates to this list.