Àsìá ilẹ̀ Bẹ́ljíọ̀m

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UseNational flag
AdoptedJanuary 23, 1831
DesignA vertical tricolour of black, yellow, and red. Technically the national flag, but rarely seen.
Variant flag of Belgium
UseNational flag and civil ensign
Proportion2:3 or similar
DesignAs above. Much more common than the official version.
Variant flag of Belgium
UseState ensign
DesignAs above, defaced by a crown above a lion on the central bar.
Variant flag of Belgium
UseNaval ensign
Adopted23 February 1950
DesignA yellow saltire on a white field, bordered above and below in red and to the left and right in black, charged on the top with a crown above crossed cannons and on the bottom by a fouled anchor.

Àsìá ilẹ̀ Bẹ́ljíọ̀mù

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