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Òkòwò àgbáyé

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Òkòwò ilẹ̀ Àgbáyé
During 2003 unless otherwise stated
Population (December 21, 2010): 6,889,167,846 ([1])
GDP (PPP): US$70.21 trillion (2009 est.) ([2])
GDP (Currency): $58.07 trillion (2009 est.)
GDP/capita (PPP): $10,500
GDP/capita (Currency): $7,178
Annual growth of
per capita GDP (PPP):
-0.8% (2009 est.)
People Paid Below $2 per day: ~3.25 billion (~50%)
Millionaires (US$): ~10 million i.e. ~0.15% (2009)
Billionaires (US$): 1011 (2010) [3]
Unemployment: 30% combined unemployment and underemployment in many non-industrialized countries. Developed countries typically 4-12% unemployment.
*Trailing-ten-years. Most numbers are from the UNDP from 2002, some numbers exclude certain countries for lack of information.
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