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Agbègbè Ashanti

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Ashanti Region
Location of Ashanti Region in Ghana
Regional Minister Mr. Emmanuel Owusu-Ansah
Capital Kumasi
Area 24,389 km²
Ranked 3rd
2000 Census
1984 Census
Ranked 1st
Districts 21
ISO 3166-2 GH-AH
Districts of Ashanti

Agbegbe Ashanti je ikan ninu awon agbegbe amojuto ijoba ni orile-ede Ghana. Most of the region's inhabitants are Ashanti people, one of Ghana's major ethnic groups. Most of Ghana's cocoa is grown in Ashanti, and it is also a major site of Ghana's gold-mining industry.

The Ashanti Region is subdivided into the following 27 districts:

Awon orisun[àtúnṣe | àtúnṣe àmìọ̀rọ̀]

Coordinates: 6°45′N 1°30′W / 6.750°N 1.500°W / 6.750; -1.500