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Ogun Abẹ́lé Amẹ́ríkà

Lát'ọwọ́ Wikipedia, ìwé ìmọ̀ ọ̀fẹ́
(Àtúnjúwe láti American Civil War)
American Civil War

Top left: Rosecrans at Stones River, Tennessee; top right: Confederate prisoners at Gettysburg; bottom: Battle of Fort Hindman, Arkansas
Date April 12, 1861 – April 9, 1865 (last shot ended June, 1865)
Location Principally in the Southern United States
Result Union victory; Reconstruction; slavery abolished; national government strengthened; South impoverished
 United States of America (Union)  Confederate States of America (Confederacy)
President: Abraham Lincoln
Union Leaders
President: Jefferson Davis
Confederate Leaders
2,100,000 1,064,000
Casualties and losses
110,000 killed in action
360,000 total dead
275,200 wounded
93,000 killed in action
260,000 total dead
137,000+ wounded

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