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Central Intelligence Agency

Lát'ọwọ́ Wikipedia, ìwé ìmọ̀ ọ̀fẹ́
Central Intelligence Agency
Official Seal of the CIA
Agency overview
Formed September 18, 1947
Preceding agency Central Intelligence Group
Headquarters Langley, McLean, Virginia United States 38°57′06″N 77°08′48″W / 38.951796°N 77.146586°W / 38.951796; -77.146586
Employees Classified[1][2]

20,000 estimated[3]

Annual budget Classified[4][5]

Less than $26.7 billion in 1998[1]

Agency executives Leon Panetta, Director
Stephen Kappes, Deputy Director
Stephanie O`Sullivan, Associate Deputy Director
The entrance of the CIA Headquarters

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) je Ile-ise olofofo ti ijoba orile-ede Amerika.

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