Ivana Miličević

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Ivana Miličević
Ọjọ́ìbí Ivana Miličević
Oṣù Kẹrin 26, 1974 (1974-04-26) (ọmọ ọdún 45)
Iṣẹ́ Actress, model
Years active 1995–present
Parent(s) Damir Miličević
Tonka Miličević

Ivana Miličević (bíi ní Ọjọ́ kẹrìndínlọ́gbọ̀n Oṣù kẹrin Ọdún 1974) jẹ́ òṣèré àti atọ́kun fíìmù ará Kroatíà.[1]

Àwọn eré tí ó ti kópa[àtúnṣe | àtúnṣe àmìọ̀rọ̀]

Ọdún Àkọ́lé Ipa Notes
1997 Seinfeld Patty Episode: "The Comeback"
Unhappily Ever After Oksana Episode: "From Russia with Love"
The Nanny Tasha Episode: "No Muse Is Good Muse"
1998 House Rules Cinnamon Episode: "Dude Act Like a Lady"
The Army Show Private Lana Povac Recurring character
1998–1999 Felicity Sensa Episode: "Hot Objects"
Episode: "Friends"
2000 Nash Bridges Chase Episode: "Liar's Poker"
Episode: "Heist"
Secret Agent Man Lara Episode: "Sleepers"
2001 The Mind of the Married Man[1] Missy Main character
2002 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Samantha Finn Episode: "As You Were"
Just Shoot Me! Katinka Episode: "Mr. Jealousy"
2003 Yes, Dear Kirsten Episode: "Flirtin' with Disaster"
Friends Kori Weston Episode: "The One with the Memorial Service"
Charmed Mist Episode: "Valhalley of the Dolls (Part 1)"
Episode: "Valhalley of the Dolls (Part 2)"
2004 CSI: Miami Jen Kemp Episode: "Wannabe"
Las Vegas Angie Logan Episode: "My Beautiful Launderette"
Dark Shadows Angelique Bouchard Main character
2004–2005 One on One Ranya Rochenko Recurring character
2006 Love Monkey Julia Main character
The Unit Ilona Episode: "Natural Selection
2007 Ugly Betty Lena Episode: "Punch Out"
Episode: "Petra-Gate"
Fallen Ariel Main character
2006–2008 American Dad! Svetlana/Russian Spy Episode: "Of Ice and Men"
Episode: "Tearjerker"
Episode: "Oedipal Panties"
2008 Chuck Ilsa Trinchina Episode: "Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover"
12 Miles of Bad Road Montserrat Main character
House Woman in Black Episode: "House's Head"
Pushing Daisies Hedda Lillihammer Episode: "The Norwegians"
2009 Eleventh Hour Isabelle Van Dyke Episode: "Eternal"
Without a Trace Lana Episode: "Heartbeats"
Royal Pains Kylie Episode: "Nobody's Perfect"
Eastwick Ivanka Episode: "Madams and Madames"
Episode: "Fleas and Casserole"
2010 Hawaii Five-0 Nadia Lukovic/Natalie Reed Episode: "ʻOhana"
2011 Charlie's Angels Nadia Ivanov Episode: "Angel with a Broken Wing"
2012 Psych Miss Ivana Episode: "Autopsy Turvy"
Vegas Diane Desmond Episode: "Exposure"
Episode: "Estinto"
2013–2016 Banshee Anastasia/Carrie Hopewell Main character

Àwọn ìtọ́kasí[àtúnṣe | àtúnṣe àmìọ̀rọ̀]

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