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This list is not ready for use on Wikipedia because a President of Liberia who was President twice does not show twice.

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Article description Country Start date End date Image
George Weah Làìbéríà 2018-01-22
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Làìbéríà 2006-01-16 2018-01-22
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf February 2015.jpg
Gyude Bryant Làìbéríà 2003-10-14 2006-01-16
Gyude Bryant.jpg
Moses Blah Làìbéríà 2003-08-11 2003-10-14
Charles Taylor Làìbéríà 1997-08-02 2003-08-11
President Charles Taylor.png
Ruth Perry Làìbéríà 1996-09-03 1997-08-02
Wilton G. S. Sankawulo Làìbéríà 1995-09-01 1996-09-03
David D. Kpormakpor Làìbéríà 1994-03-07 1995-09-01
Amos Sawyer Làìbéríà 1990-11-22 1994-03-07
Samuel Doe Làìbéríà 1980-04-12 1990-09-09
Samuel Kanyon Doe.jpg
William R. Tolbert Làìbéríà 1971-07-23 1980-04-12
William R. Tolbert, Jr..JPG
William Tubman Làìbéríà 1944-01-03 1971-07-23
William Tubman 1943.jpg
Edwin Barclay Làìbéríà 1930-12-03 1944-01-03
Edwin Barclay 01.jpg
Charles D. B. King Làìbéríà 1920-01-05 1930-12-03
CBD King of Liberia.jpg
Daniel Edward Howard Làìbéríà 1912-01-01 1920-01-05
Daniel Edward Howard.jpg
Arthur Barclay 1904-01-04 1912-01-01
Arthur Barclay.jpg
Garretson W. Gibson Làìbéríà
Àwọn Ìpínlẹ̀ Aṣọ̀kan Amẹ́ríkà
1900-12-11 1904-01-04
Garretson Gibson2.jpg
William D. Coleman Làìbéríà 1896-11-12 1900-12-11
William Coleman2.jpg
Joseph James Cheeseman Làìbéríà 1892-01-04 1896-11-12
Joseph Cheeseman2.jpg
Hilary R. W. Johnson Làìbéríà 1884-01-07 1892-01-04
Hilary Johnson2.jpg
Alfred Francis Russell Làìbéríà 1883-01-20 1884-01-07
Alfred Russell2.jpg
Anthony W. Gardiner Làìbéríà 1878-01-07 1883-01-20
James Skivring Smith Làìbéríà 1871-10-26 1872-01-01
Edward James Roye Làìbéríà
Àwọn Ìpínlẹ̀ Aṣọ̀kan Amẹ́ríkà
1870-01-03 1871-10-26
Edward James Roye2.jpg
James Spriggs Payne Làìbéríà
Àwọn Ìpínlẹ̀ Aṣọ̀kan Amẹ́ríkà
James Payne2.jpg
Daniel Bashiel Warner Làìbéríà 1864-01-04 1868-01-06
Daniel Warner2.jpg
Stephen Allen Benson Làìbéríà 1856-01-07 1864-01-04
Stephen Allen Benson.jpg
Joseph Jenkins Roberts Àwọn Ìpínlẹ̀ Aṣọ̀kan Amẹ́ríkà
Joseph Jenkins Roberts.jpg
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