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Paul the Apostle
Ananias restoring the sight of Saint Paul by Pietro da Cortona
Apostle to the Gentiles
Born c. 10 AD
 in Tarsus[Acts 22:3]
Died c 67 AD[1]
 in Rome[1]
Venerated in All Christianity
Major shrine Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls
Feast January 25 (The Conversion of Paul)
February 10 (Feast of Saint Paul's Shipwreck in Malta)
June 29 (Feast of Saints Peter and Paul)
November 18 (Feast of the dedication of the basilicas of Saints Peter and Paul)
Attributes sword
Patronage Missions; Theologians; Gentile Christians;

Itokasi[àtúnṣe | àtúnṣe àmìọ̀rọ̀]

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