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Ọkọ̀-àlọbọ̀ Òfurufú Discovery

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Ọkọ̀-àlọbọ̀ Òfurufú Discovery
Space Shuttle Discovery launches from launch pad 39A on mission STS-124.
OV designationOV-103
CountryUnited States
Contract awardJanuary 29, 1979
Named afterRRS Discovery
First flightSTS-41-D
August 30, 1984 – September 5, 1984
Last flightSTS-131
April 05, 2010 - April 20, 2010
Number of missions38
Time spent in space352 days 04:00:29[1]
Number of orbits5,247
Distance travelled206,019,288 km (128,014,451 mi)
Satellites deployed31 (including Hubble Space Telescope)
Mir dockings1
ISS dockings11

Ọkọ̀-àlọbọ̀ Òfurufú Discovery (Orbiter Vehicle Designation: OV-103) je ikan ninu awon oko-afiyipo meta ti won sise lowolowo ninu awon Ọkọ̀-àlọbọ̀ Òfurufú ti NASA, to je ile-ise ofurufu ti orile-ede Amerika.[2] (Awon meji yioku ni Atlantis ati Endeavour.) Nigba to koko sise ni 1984, Discovery je oko-afiyipo keta sugbon loni ohun ni eyi to pejulo lenu ise. Discovery ti se iranlose fun iwadi ati fun isoapapo ISS.

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