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Introduced ca. 1990
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Discontinued
Registry None
Sponsor None
Intended use Entities connected with  Czechoslovakia (originally, until deleted) and later Àdàkọ:SCG (reserved, but never used)
Actual use Was fairly heavily used in Czechoslovakia until discontinued in favor of .cz and .sk; never used while Serbia and Montenegro existed
Registration restrictions No registrations are now taking place
Structure Not in root
Dispute policies None
Website None

.cs je fun opo odun amioro orile-ede top-level domain (ccTLD) fun Czechoslovakia. Sugbon, orile-ede na tuka si Czech Republic ati Slovakia ni 1993, awon orile-ede mejeji yi si gba ccTLDs ti won otooto: .cz ati .sk nitelerawon. Ilo .cs wa dopin die die, o si je pipare patapata ni January 1995.

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