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Introduced 1985
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Nominet UK
Sponsor Nominet UK
Intended use Entities connected with
Ilẹ̀ọba Aṣọ̀kan United Kingdom
Actual use Very popular in UK, especially .co.uk subdomain - as of December 2008 there were 7,277,700 registrations [1]
Registration restrictions None for .co.uk, .me.uk, and .org.uk; other subdomains have differing restrictions
Structure At third level, beneath generic-category 2nd level domains, except under .sch.uk where registration is at fourth level; no second-level registrations (a few old registrations grandfathered)
Dispute policies DRS Policy
Website nic.uk

.uk je ti Ilẹ̀ Ọba Àsọdọ̀kan.

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