Free State

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Free State

Foreistata Àdàkọ:St icon
Vrystaat (Áfríkáánì)
The Province of the Free State
Katleho ka kopano (Success through unity)
Map showing the location of the Free State in the central part of South Africa
Location of the Free State in South Africa
Country South Africa
Orange Free State17 February 1854
OFS Province31 May 1910
Free State27 April 1994
 • TypeParliamentary system
 • PremierAce Magashule (ANC)
 • Total129,480 km2 (49,990 sq mi)
Area rank3rd in South Africa
Highest elevation3,291 m (10,797 ft)
 • Total2,773,059
 • Rank8th in South Africa
 • Density21/km2 (55/sq mi)
 • Density rank8th in South Africa
Population groups
 • Black African87.1%
 • White9.6%
 • Coloured3.0%
 • Indian or Asian0.2%
 • Sotho64.4%
 • Afrikaans11.9%
 • Xhosa9.1%
 • Tswana6.8%
 • Zulu5.1%
 • English1.2%
Time zoneUTC+2 (SAST)
ISO 3166 codeZA-FS

Igberiko Free State je ikan ninu awon igberiko 9 ni orile-ede Guusu Afrika.

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