Helveti Olómìnira

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Helvetische Republik (de)
République helvétique (fr)
Repubblica Elvetica (it)
Helvetic Republic
Client of the First French Empire

Coat of Arms of Switzerland.svg
Coat of arms for Swiss condominiums.png
Flag of the Helvetic Republic Official seal
Helvetic Republic, with borders as at the Second Helvetic constitution of 25 May 1802
Capital Lucerne
Government Republic
Historical era Napoleonic Wars
 - Swiss Confederation
    collapsed on French
March 5, 1798
 - Republic proclaimed April 12, 1798
 - Mutual defence treaty
    with France
19 August 1798
 - Diplomatic recognition
    by French allies
19 September 1798
 - Malmaison constitution 29 May 1801
 - Federal constitution 27 February 1802
 - Act of Mediation 19 February 1803
 - Congress of Vienna June 8, 1815
Note: See below for a full list of predecessor states

Helvetic Republic (17981803)

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