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State of Connecticut
Flag of Connecticut State seal of Connecticut
Flag Èdìdí
Ìlàjẹ́: The Constitution State; The Nutmeg State;
The Provisions State[1]
Motto(s): Qui transtulit sustinet.[1] (Latin)
Map of the United States with Connecticut highlighted
Map of the United States with Connecticut highlighted
Èdè oníibiṣẹ́ De jure: None
De facto: English
Orúkọaráàlú Connecticuter,[2] Nutmegger[3]
Olúìlú Hartford
Ìlú atóbijùlọ Bridgeport[4]
Largest metro area Greater Hartford[5]
Àlà  Ipò 48th ní U.S.
 - Total 5,543 sq mi
(14,356 km2)
 - Width 70 miles (113 km)
 - Length 110 miles (177 km)
 - % water 12.6
 - Latitude 40°58′ N to 42°03′ N
 - Longitude 71°47′ W to 73°44′ W
Iyeèrò  Ipò 29th ní U.S.
 - Total 3,501,252 (2008 est.)[6]
3,405,565 (2000)
Density 702.9/sq mi  (271.40/km2)
Ranked 4th in the U.S.
 - Median income  $55,970 (4th)
 - Highest point South slope of Mount Frissell[7]
Note: The summit of Mount Frissell
is in Massachusetts
2,380 ft (726 m)
 - Mean 500 ft  (152 m)
 - Lowest point Long Island Sound[7]
sea level
Admission to Union  January 9, 1788 (5th)
Gómìnà Dannel Malloy (D)
Ìgbákejì Gómìnà Michael Fedele (R)
Legislature {{{Legislature}}}
 - Upper house {{{Upperhouse}}}
 - Lower house {{{Lowerhouse}}}
U.S. Senators Christopher Dodd (D)
Joe Lieberman (ID)
U.S. House delegation 5 Democrats (list)
Time zone Eastern: UTC-5/-4
Abbreviations CT Conn. US-CT

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