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Republic of China

Zhōnghuá Mínguó
A red flag, with a small blue rectangle in the top left hand corner on which sits a white sun composed of a circle surrounded by 12 rays.
A blue circular emblem on which sits a white sun composed of a circle surrounded by 12 rays.
Orin ìyìn: 

National Anthem of the Republic of China
Fáìlì:National Flag Anthem of the ROC instrumental.ogg

National Flag Anthem
A map depicting a relatively small island in East Asia.
Ìlú tótóbijùlọNew Taipei
Àwọn èdè ìṣẹ́ọbaStandard Mandarin[2]
Lílò regional languagesTaiwanese Hokkien
Hakka Chinese
Formosan languages[3]
Official scriptsTraditional Chinese
Àwọn ẹ̀yà ènìyàn
98% Han[4][5]
[Ìjápọ̀ tí kò ṣiṣẹ́ mọ́]

 70% Hoklo
 14% Hakka
 14% Mainlanders[6]

2% Taiwanese aborigines[7]
Orúkọ aráàlúTaiwanese[8][9][10] or Chinese[11] or both
ÌjọbaSemi-presidential republic
• President
Tsai Ing-wen
Lai Ching-te
• Premier
Chen Chien-jen
Cheng Wen-tsan
AṣòfinLegislative Yuan
10 October 1911
• Republic established
1 January 1912
25 October 1945
25 December 1947
7 December 1949
• Total
36,191.4667 km2 (13,973.6034 sq mi) (136th)
• Omi (%)
• 2010 estimate
23,150,923[12][c] (49th)
• Ìdìmọ́ra
640/km2 (1,657.6/sq mi) (16th)
GDP (PPP)2010 estimate
• Total
$810.487 billion[13] (19th)
• Per capita
$34,743[13] (21th)
GDP (nominal)2010 estimate
• Total
$426.984 billion[13] (24th)
• Per capita
$18,303[13] (37th)
Gini (2008)34.1 [14]
Error: Invalid Gini value
HDI (2007) 0.943 [15]
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OwónínáNew Taiwan dollar (NT$) (TWD)
Ibi àkókòUTC+8 (CST)
• Ìgbà oru (DST)
UTC+8 (not observed)
Irú ọjọ́ọdúnyyyy-mm-dd
(CE; CE+2697) or 民國yy年m月d日
Ojúọ̀nà ọkọ́right
Àmì tẹlifóònù+886
ISO 3166 codeTW
Internet TLD.tw, .台灣,[16] .台湾
a. ^ See also Names of China.

b. ^ Nanjing was the seat of the government from 1928 until 1949 except during wars, when the government retreated to Taipei.

c. ^ Population and density ranks based on 2008 figures.

Taiwan tabi Orile-ede Olominira ile Ṣaina je orile-ede ni Ásíà.

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